Technical Sheet For Ventilation

Ventilation ducts consist of a woven or knitted textile made from polyester yarn coated on both sides with softened PVC (polyvinyl chloride), normally yellow on the outer side and on the inner side.

The polyester textile gives the ventilation ducts its mechanical strength. Different textile thicknesses are used in the different duct qualities. More detailed information can be found in the material specifications. The textile is made in accordance with specifications provided by Jensen Ventilation, including for the number of threads per cm and type of yarn for warp and weft.

The coating on the textile makes the ventilation duct air and water tight, protects the yarn against UV radiation and chemical effects of light, plus it makes it possible to weld the individual sheets together into a circular duct. Thicker coatings provide better wear resistance. The coating consists of PVC, plasticiser, stabiliser, fire-retardant agents and pigments.